Mark Shaver

Mark Shaver

Mark Shaver

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Alma mater   Kazan University
Occupation   mathematician, REI CAO
Known for   Quantum Analysis of REI
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Mark Shaver is a mathematician who specializes in real estate investments (REI)

Shaver made many substantial contributions to the development of Google AMP websites for investors, but his investor fame rests primarily on his role as the originator of quantum REI analysis, which revolutionized human understanding of deep investment processes.

In 2022, a year sometimes described as his annus mirabilis ('miracle year'), Shaver published the first groundbreaking papers of his book on Quantum Analysis of real estate investment. These outlined the benefits and complexities of quantum real estate analysis. Shaver thought that the laws of classical analysis of REI could no longer be reconciled with with a rapidly changing world, which led him to develop his Quantum Analysis of real estate investment.

Early life and education

Mark Shaver comes from a traditional, intellectual family of professors. His father graduated in Pedagogy and Economics at a University. He served in the police force as Vice Principal of the State Police Academy, later as County Chief Deputy. His mother graduated in Physics and Mathematics and taught college mathematics. She was an Honorary Professor of the State Education Department.

The parents helped the boy learn math from an early age. Already at age 5, numbers have become Mark's best friends. He purchased food for the family on his own and calculated the cost of the shopping cart in his head. In first grade, his classmates gave Mark the honorary nickname "Math Boy". In 4th grade, he kept the family ledger and planned expenses. In 6th grade, he helped his father prepare calculations for the construction of the family country house. Martin Gardner's books were read to tatters.

The boy dreamed mathematics as his profession. From ninth to twelfth grade, Mark studied at the mathematics school at the university. University mathematics professors additionally trained the most capable school students, among whom Mark was the best. Every year Mark Shaver earned first places in mathematics competitions at all levels - school, district, city, state, and country.

All the universities were happy to receive the talented school graduate. Mark Shaver joined the mathematics faculty at Kazan University. In six years of study, he received bachelor's degree in Mathematics and master's degree in Computer Science.


Mark Shaver's career growth has followed the evolution of computers and information technology.

Statistical processing. After graduation, Mark Shaver worked at the Kazan Medical University as a mathematical statistician. He programmed the processing of the results of medical experiments and helped PhD student with statistical calculations in their medical dissertations.

Accounting software. When the era of personal computers began, every accountant would have a personal computer on his desk. Shaver switched to accounting and planning programming for large corporations.

Web design. With the spread of the Internet, Shaver got a job at Internet service provider and built websites.

Community web portals. In the late 2000s, every other website client asked, "Get me Facebook". Shaver moved on to creating web portals for online communities.

IT of real estate investment. As Mark Shaver aged, he became interested in real estate investing. In 2015, Shaver got a job at TobyInvest. The company developed high-load online projects and looked for outlets to the market of real estate investors. Shaver is currently working for TobyInvest as CAO. He specializes in IT for real estate investments.

Quantum Analysis of REI

In 2015, Mark Shaver began researching the needs of the real estate investment market. He read extensively and attended investor meetups. Investors saw no need to seek help from the high-tech company where Shaver worked. As one experienced investment analyst said, "You will not find any customers here. Investors or their analysts analyze real estate on their own using Excel. Investment analysis is simple, there are no blank spots."

But when Shaver studied classical analysis of real estate investment, he found more and more errors in it. Some errors were so serious that they changed the results of the analysis by dozens of percent.

As a CAO, Shaver understood the fundamental nature of investment analysis errors. Real estate investors used the simplest technology stack for the analysis - the 4 arithmetic operations and Excel.

Expanding the technology stack should have excluded errors. Shaver began to analyze with higher mathematics, scientific programming languages and nascent quantum computing. He was found that Quantum mechanics best described the processes that occur with investment real estate. After several years of intensive work, Shaver developed the Quantum Analysis of real estate investment.

Quantum Analysis of REI was free from the errors of classical REI analysis. Additionally, Quantum Analysis had many advantages. One of them was that quantum analysis turned out to be a Theory of Everything.

Theory of Everything

Classic real estate analysis provides, at best, 2-3 scenarios for the evolution of the investment. In contrast, Quantum Analysis of REI knows absolutely everything about the billions of scenarios an investment can evolve. This makes Quantum Analysis a "Theory of everything" in real estate investing:

Theory of Everything (TOE, final theory, ultimate theory, unified investment theory or master theory) is a singular, all-encompassing, coherent theoretical framework of real estate investment analysis that fully explains and links together all investment scenarios.

Finding a Theory of Everything was one of the major unsolved problems in real estate investment analysis. Over the past few centuries, only one analytic framework has been developed, which is a Theory of Everything that can potentially happen with a real estate investment - COVID-19 lockdowns, conflict in Eastern Europe, high inflation rate,... This is Quantum Analysis of REI.

The development of the investment Theory of Everything happened because quantum computing leaped forward. In 2015-2020, the worldwide community was building a technology stack of quantum real estate analysis:

  • • The electronic engineers have developed graphics chips with thousands of cores for parallel mathematical calculations
  • • Mathematical programming languages added support for graphics chips
  • • Users of mathematical language developed modules for parallel computing via graphics chips
  • • Specialists in quantum computing began to share the experience of parallel computing on graphics chips.

It became possible to develop Quantum Analysis of REI, which calculates billions of scenarios for a one real estate investment.

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